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Post  King_Titan on Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:09 am

1) Be specific and provide as much information as possible when asking for help. Do not simply give us what's wrong, be sure to include:
What OS your running
What version your running
What is the problem
and When it started.

2) When reporting a bug be sure to send it in to TAOE Moderators and it shall be fixed.

3) DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS. If you choose to type in all caps, your post may be deleted or Edited.

4)The same goes for threads that have no punctuation or are typed in l33t. Please take time to message write legibly and we will take time to help you out.

5) No Trolling. If you troll, flame, make racist comments, curse, or basically have an overly hostile nature we may delete your post or ban you. Our moderators are sensitive people. Please don’t make them angry.

6) Don’t spam or constantly bump posts. We will try and help you as much as possible however we can’t be everywhere at once.

7)No Offensive Avatars that May degrade other users.

-----Following Rules added by Neverseperat on 10/02/09------
Do not flame any moderator or admin.

Do not critcize our mod TOO much, if you don't like it, then don't download. Simple as that.

Do not post the Mod any other site here besides ones that Admins/Mods approve of.

EDIT BY NEVERSEPERAT: I'm just going to edit this up a little bit to make sure there aren't any loop holes or anything that people could use to their advantage.

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